Welcome to the City of Jackson, Ohio

Daniel Fulks Marva J. Colby Brett Foster Daniel E. Coll
President of City Council At-Large Council At-Large Council At-Large Council
(740) 418-2713 (740) 286-5557 (740) 352-3298 (740) 286-1932
dfulks@jacksonohio.us mcolby@jacksonohio.us bfoster@jacksonohio.us dcoll@jacksonohio.us
Ryan Peters John Peters Deborah S. Biggs Robert "Pete" Bopp
1st Ward Council 2nd Ward Council 3rd Ward Council 4th Ward Council
(740) 688-9386 (740) 286-2708 (740) 395-1663 (740) 418-0172
rpeters@jacksonohio.us jpeters@jacksonohio.us dbiggs@jacksonohio.us pbopp@jacksonohio.us
Cindi Kuhn
Council Clerk

Names in bold are the Chairman

Utility Committee John Peters Daniel Coll Marva Colby
Budget and Finance Deborah Biggs Robert Bopp Marva Colby
Police / Fire / Traffic Marva Colby Daniel Coll John Peters
Service / Building / Recreation Ryan Peters Deborah Biggs Brett Foster
Jail Brett Foster Ryan Peters John Peters
Ordinance no. 56-19 Daniel Coll John Peters Robert Bopp