Water Treatment Plant

City of Jackson


Hammertown lake area offers an abundance of outdoor activities which include fishing, hunting, hiking, and horse riding trails. There are three boat launching locations around the lake, and numerous game fish call the lake home. A shelter house, restrooms, and playground equipment provide a great opportunity for family outings. Hunting is allowed only in the areas that are designated. The horse trails are marked in various locations and provide spectacular views of the lake and surrounding area.

The city own and controls 1,400 acres which includes the majority of the drainage area into the lake. It is forested with 150,000 pine trees and used as a recreation area. No Swimming, Camping, or Gasoline motors allowed in the lake.

Protecting our drinking water source from contamination is the responsibility of all residents and users of the area. While the lake sources are remotely located, they are used for recreational boating and fishing. By working together, we can ensure that very little if any contaminants are introduced to the lake or surrounding land. By careful control of the watershed we ensure an adequate safe water supply for our use as well as future generations.