Utility Department

City of Jackson
Mission Statement

The employees of the City of Jackson Utility Department wish to serve the consumers of our Electric, Water, Sewer, and Garbage services with the utmost sincerity and graciousness. We strive to read your water and electric meter each and every month. Only when mother nature has other plans in mind do we miss reading your meter. Rarely do we ever estimate an electric meter. If you find that you are in a bind and can't pay your utility bill, our office personnel are at your service to guide you with help in seeking payment assistance from an outside agency such as Community Action, Jackson County Job and Family Services. We also have HEAP Applications available.

Sewer Rate Announcement

In accordance with Codified Ordinance, Sewer section: 927.05, 26c. #3 paragraph 3 reads:

Each user shall be notified at least annually, in conjunction with a regular bill, of the rate and that portion of the sewer service charge which is attributable to Operations, Maintenance, and replacement costs of wastewater treatment services.

The following is based on 2022 numbers:

Operations:    45%
Maintenance:  16%
Replacement: 21%
Debt Service:  18%
Example. If your sewer bill totals $100:
Operations:   $100 x 45%  = $45.00
Maintenance: $100 x 16%  = $16.00
Replacement: $100 x 21% = $21.00
Debt Service:  $100 x 18% = $18.00

Utility Department:
Voice: (740) 286-4419
Voice: (740) 286-7007
Fax: (740) 286-5562