Water Treatment Plant

City of Jackson

Welcome To The Water Treatment Plant In Jackson, Ohio

Our Mission

The City of Jackson is committed to providing residents with a safe and reliable supply of high-quality drinking water. We test our water using sophisticated equipment and advanced procedures. The City of Jackson’s water meets state and federal standards for both appearance and safety. The annual "Consumer Confidence Report" required by the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), tells you where your water comes from, how the treated water quality compares to the required quality standards and other things you should know about drinking water.


The original water demands were supplied by a groundwater plant and well field. In the early 1950’s the city administration discovered that the aquifer , that supplied the well field, would no longer produce sufficient quantity for the population that existed at that time, and was not capable of being expanded for the growth of the city. The field was only capable of producing 500,000 gallons per day

In the early 1950’s a project was developed to construct a raw water storage reservoir and treatment plant. The reservoir, Hammertown Lake, was designed to capture the drainage from 1600 acres and store 1,370 million gallons of water. It contained 190 acres of water surface, with maximum depth of 51 feet and an average of 24 feet. The treatment plant was built to treat 2 million gallons per day, store 500,000 gallons of treated water and provide for the pumping equipment needed to transport the treated water to the city customers.

In 1970 the plant was expanded to be able to treat 4 million gallons per day, and store 1 million gallons of treated water. An auxiliary water source was also needed later and the city acquired Jisco Lake which captures the drainage of 1050 acres and capable of holding 289 million gallons of water. It contains 54 acres of water surface, with a maximum depth of 46 feet and an average of 18 feet.